[13:18] < redacted> so i woke up at like 8am

[13:18] < redacted> and was like “ok. today is the day i return my laptop for RMA.”

[13:18] < redacted> so the first thing i did was call up all my bosses and say “guess what. i’ll be unavailable all day.”

[13:19] < redacted> ASUS sent me an email with a QR code with instructions that said “go to a fedex shipping center and they will scan this code to print the shipping label.”

[13:19] < redacted> they told me to ship only the unit. not the power cords or the original box, etc.

[13:19] < redacted> i also had to re-install a vanilla win10 on it

[13:20] < redacted> so around 10am i’m finished with all that and i head over to fremont (approx 10 miles. 30 minute drive. 20 of which is just moving 0.8 miles from my house to the outskirts of town)

[13:20] < redacted> i get to this place called PostNet

[13:21] < redacted> “sorry we don’t have access to the fedex shipping stuff. you can pay us $30 and we’ll ship it for you though.”

[13:21] < redacted> so i’m like “no thanks. i’ll go to fedex across town.”

[13:21] < redacted> “they won’t do it either. you have to go to toledo.”

[13:21] < redacted> so 1 hour later i show up in toledo

[13:21] < redacted> they box my shit up, scan it… “it wont scan.”

[13:22] < redacted> so the bitch enters the code manually like 5 times and it won’t work.

[13:22] < redacted> so i call ASUS and i’m like “give me a new shipping label” and they’re like “well you didn’t print out the one we sent. you have to print that one out.”

[13:22] < redacted> and i’m like “i’m at fedex right now with the label and they’re saying it’s invalid.”

[13:23] < redacted> so after about another hour they finally make me a new label.

[13:23] < redacted> she scans it. doesn’t work.

[13:23] < redacted> then i find out fedex is having some sort of system wide service disruption.

[13:23] < redacted> she enters it in manually

[13:23] < redacted> and is like

[13:24] < redacted> “omg. yea see this is the same problem as before. i don’t know what’s a capital ‘I’ or a lower case ‘l’. and i donno if this is a zero or a ‘O’”

[13:24] < redacted> so i’m like “so the first one probably worked. you just can’t read?”

[13:24] < redacted> “well. i can’t tell the difference.”

[13:24] < redacted> “oh ok. i’ll read you the code and you enter it in.”

[13:24] < redacted> “that worked! ok you’re all set.”

[13:25] < redacted> then on the way back it was raining really hard and people were driving 20mph under the speed limit

[13:25] < redacted> went through wendy’s drive-thru

[13:25] < redacted> and they fucked up my order

[13:26] < redacted> so now it’s time to go back to sleep

[13:26] < redacted> my day is now over

[13:27] < redacted> the stress levels of dealing with board certified down syndrome patients that ohio for some reason gave jobs…

[13:27] < redacted> i’m done for the day

[13:28] < redacted> sometimes i am worried i’m going to walk into a public establishment and people are going to be like “how come you have no tattoo? where’s your tattoo? UNSCANNABLE!@%)!@)%!@)%!)%”